Caffé Del Mar® is a development and manufacturing partner for K-Cup® and ready-to-drink beverages. We offer product development, manufacturing innovations, and complete quality assurance and regulatory conformation services.

K-Cup® products can be coffees and teas or contain nontraditional ingredients such as nutraceuticals. We can work with you on the full product cycle: concept, formula, prototype, and production.

Private-label products range from ready-to-drink coffees and teas to functional products targeting athletes, diabetics, seniors, etc. Private-label products can be similar to popular brands such as Frappuccino®, Slim Fast®, Ensure®, or made to your specifications. All products are available in "lite" form (suitable for diabetics), can be all natural, Kosher, have non-GMO ingredients, and target a one-year shelf life with no refrigeration.